5 Reasons Why Tinder Is Not A Good Option

With advancements in Internet, thousands of people are connected together through social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and most of all Tinder. Tinder is a connective platform where you try and find your perfect partner online. It is not always a good option though, for you seldom end up with your Mr. or Ms. perfect one. To elaborate further, we tell you 5 reasons why you should not try and find your soulmate on Tinder:

  1. Fake profiles

How can you judge the credibility of a particular person just by the look of their profile? How much time would it take for a boy to create a girl’s profile and make it look credible? Absolutely nothing! Reasons why Tinder is not a good option because of the fake profiles that are made every day. Statistics show that one-third of the numerous profiles on Tinder are fake accounts and are utilized for cyber-crime. Boys operating such accounts act as pretty women and then use other boys for their benefits; benefits that are sometimes monetary and other times emotional.