5 Reasons Why You Are Overthinking about Him

Women are naturally assumed to be over thinkers. However, in some situations, women find themselves over thinking about him a lot. The guy could be their current boyfriend, or someone they dated a while ago. If you are in this situation, you know how disturbing it gets. You cannot sleep in peace and every time, you think about him, the situation leaves you anxious and stressed. Let me help you identify why you feel that way because once you know the root cause, you can eliminate the problem. Here are a few reasons why you are overthinking about him:

  1. You have emotional baggage.

You are overthinking because there are things that you want to say, and there are things that you want to express, but you are failing to do so. It could be a simple confession of love to the guy you like, and the anxiety is building up because you just want to express yourself but you are not sure of the consequences. As a result, you keep thinking over it. The thing is: if you really want him, let him know. If you think it will be a bad idea, stop thinking over it. You need to take a step and put your head back in place.[cookie height=”100%” width=”200px”]