5 Reasons Why You Are Single

Man is a social animal and doesn’t like to live alone. People often say that being single is so much fun, but some people aren’t from the staying single category. They want to have someone in their life who will love them, take care of them and bring out the best in them. However, they are single, and they cannot understand why. They will assume that they are too ugly or they dress up weird, but sometimes, the reasons are not this materialistic. Here are a few reasons why you are still single:

  1. Your standards are too high.

A lot of us grow up watching cheesy rom-coms and reading fairy tales. Our prince charming has to be filthy rich and good-looking. Our lady has to be beautiful with a melodious voice etc. Let me assure you that these stupid standards are the reason why you are still single. You need to become realistic. No one is perfect, and if you will keep looking for the perfect one, you will stay single for a very long time.