5 Reasons Why You Need To Reject The Marriage Proposal

Marriage is one HUGE decision of your life, and you have all right to back off, if you are not comfortable. Yes, your boyfriend is all gaga over you and the relationship, but are you ready for such a big step? Don’t you deserve a say in this matter? Are you really ready to be settled to make home? If you cannot think of an answer right now, you will surely be able to, after reading this article. We help you know 5 of some of the reasons that you should not accept his proposal:

  1. He does not have an established career

What will a man feed you, if he, himself, is not financially stable? If he is still looking for a job, and has no money in his pocket, how do you expect him to lay your burden, on his shoulders? It is reality, and not one of those lovey dovey movies, you two watch in the theatre. Even if you are earning, there are high chances, you will never be able to establish a stable life for each other. Marriage brings a lot of added baggage, which he is not ready for. Right now, he is blinded with love, but this will not remain the same for a long time. It is better that you reject the marriage proposal.