5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Confess your Love

At one time, being able to confess your love was a privilege. It was a way to get rid of the heavy feeling inside you, and then calming yourself down. It would bring you close to a person. However, commitments, weddings and love has been confused these days. The simple things have become tedious jobs because there is just so much pressure attached with all this. Therefore, here are some reasons why you should never confess your love:

  1. It could be too early.

To confess your love means to commit. Many people get into a relationship because they do not want to feel alone. They just want to have someone. It doesn’t mean that the person is their necessity – it just means that they want to be in a relationship. This is because a lot of people confuse singlehood with loneliness. So if you are with such a person, confessing your love will make them run away. They might not be prepared to commit, or they probably don’t want to commit at all. This will set a deadline for them, and they will run away.