5 Reasons Why You Will Only Break Their Heart

Being in a relationship and finding the right person is a privilege in true sense. you might have found a great person to love and cherish, but are you the same kind of a person for them? will they say that you make their life better or are you only going to break their heart? A relationship can go well and the two of you might be pretty compatible, but some times, the timings are horrible. Here are a few reasons why you will only break their heart:

  1. Unwilling to change

When you are in a relationship, you are supposed to compromise and change your ways to some extent. You can expect things to work for you only if you are willing to change. Let’s face it, we are not perfect and some of our habits can even annoy the person who loves us very much. So we have to change our ways and become a better person for the sake of the person we love. however, you will only break their heart because you are not willing to change. You think that you are perfect and you don’t need to change or compromise.