5 Reasons Why Your Ex Is Still On Your Head

When you breakup with a person, you make a promise to yourself that you will avoid this person for a while and get over them. You know that things between you cannot possible workout so you decide to end things. However, that breakup won’t do you any good if your ex is still on your head at all times. You broke up with them so that there would be nothing left between the two of you, and this needs to end. To end it, you need to understand a few reasons why you still have them running through your head all day. Here they are:

  1. A lot of mutual friends.

When your ex and you have a lot of mutual friends, there are chances that you will bump into each other a lot. You will meet at parties and get-togethers, and that awkward space will be there. You will end up evaluating their behaviour for days. You will hear their stories from your friends and then you will think about how quickly they forgot everything and how they didn’t. They will just never be out of the picture, and you will end up thinking about them, even when you do not want to.