5 Relationship Rules to Revive Your Relationship

When you are in a relationship, you have a person for life. You have someone by your side who promises to be at your side at all times – someone who will be ready to wipe your tears, to be your buffer and to be your guide. If you have a person who is this great, then what is the need to revive a relationship? If you are in a relationship or if you have someone in your life, you will understand that with the passage of time, there come certain hurdles in life that take away your happiness and create problems in your bond. Also, we get so tied up in love that we never get time to be with the person. We also fail to give them proper and constant support. For such instances, here is what your relationship needs:

  1. Give love as much as you can.

To keep your relationship on the right track, always give love as much as you can. Whether it is love in physical form or just emotionally, just express it. This teaches you how to love a person beyond your strength. My relationship has gone through so much that if it involved two weak-hearted people, they would have broken up by now. My partner and I vowed to give as much love as we could. We never ask each other for hugs, kisses or cuddles. We just know that these things happen without asking.