5 Sad Reasons Why Couples Fall Out of Love


Falling in love is love. Having someone around who makes sense of everything that was once confusing is a feeling that has no parallel. However, for some people, falling out of love seems just as easy. We see people who were once crazy for each other breaking apart. We see people who once said they would die without one another, living completely in peace without one another. What is it that breaks two people apart? Here are a few reasons why couples fall out of love:

  1. They don’t see each other for who they really are.

One of the main reasons for why couples fall out of love is that they mistake each other for being someone else. In the beginning, they are so focussed in getting that person that they miss the real side to each other. A few things attract them so much that they forget that there are so many more sides.

Sometimes, the other persons give a wrong image of themselves too. When they can’t maintain that image for long and their real side exposes, the other person realizes that maybe they were never meant to be.