5 Signs that Even your Online Relationship is Bad

4. Secrets and secrets.

Your online relationship could be declining if your partner is keeping a lot of secrets from you. An online relationship is based on very limited connected between two people. They could be already telling you very less and when it becomes even lesser, it obviously means that they are moving a step backward. Any step backward in a relationship generally means a decline. If they have started keeping a lot of things from you and you are finding it through other sources then you have to accept that the fact that the road is downhill from here.

3. More response time.

You know your online relationship is declining when the other person takes a lot of time to respond now. They have begun to pretend like you do not exist. Every time you drop them a message, they take ages in responding to it. When they do respond, they pretend like it was not a big deal to take so long to respond or to disappear without telling. They are simply trying to give you time to absorb the fact that they are now going to leave your life for good and the sooner you make peace with it, the better it is. This is because the ability to make things right is almost non-existent in an online relationship.