5 Signs He’ll Love You No Matter What

Admit it or not but at some point in your life, you’ve plucked petals from a flower trying to guess if he loves you or loves you not. From the days when you stooped down to your lowest and could barely recognize the reflection you saw in the mirror to the day you walked down the streets like you were a showstopper at a fashion show; at each of your moments, high or low, you need to be sure if your significant other is head over heels for you or not. And ladies, as much as you can’t be sure of life, there are a few hints that nature drops that you need to keep notice of.

Let’s also accept that guys are probably not the best at expressing their innate feelings so he might be shy but you’ll know if he’ll love you for the rest of the days if,

5. His Eyes Sparkle When You’re With Him

Have you a seen how a baby’s eyes start to sparkle when he sees a new toy? That’s exactly what his eyes will look like when you meet him. Not just in his eyes but his body will emit an aura so bright, it’ll automatically assure you of your love.

4. No Judgments Allowed

Whether your eyeliner twirled the wrong way in the morning or you forgot to wear to do your hair, with him, you’ll never feel the need to look perfect. In fact, perfection will not be on the outside but on the inside. And the way you look will only become a reason of a good laugh amongst the two of you. He might curl your hair up or simply adore the imperfection – either way, it’ll give you butterflies.