5 Signs it’s a bad Time to Move In Together

The decision to move in together is a tricky one. It is obviously a forward step for most relationships, but not for all. Sometimes we’re making the decision way too quickly or sometimes, we are just not ready to live with someone. Before you decide to move in together, here a few things you need to consider:

5. Their decisions are mostly one-sided.

A relationship is based on two people. It is a bond of love and respect between two people. If it is largely one-sided, then it means that there are far more serious issues on your head and your decision to move in together should wait for a while. When he/she is not asking you before taking decisions or they are not talking about their life with you, then it means that there are no long term plans in their head about you. In such situations, moving in together would only end up making you feel lonelier.

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