5 Signs Of a Man Passing Time With You

A relationship is always serious matter. Two people are not together to waste time and to have someone who will kill their boredom. A relationship is a bond based on love, trust and respect. However, some men tend to misuse that love. They are not as they serious as they try to show you and they are merely looking for a partner who will kill their boredom. Here are a few signs of such a man:

  1. Never has time for you.

If a man is serious with you, he will realize how important you ar to him and he will always be there for you. However, if he is only wasting time with you, he will not care about whether you are in need or not. He just never has time for you, and since you are not his priority, he will never take out time for you. He will only care about his own self and he isn’t really affected by your presence. You will have to force him to take out time for you because he will not do it on his own.