5 Signs Of A Woman Who Is Just Passing Time With You

For me, as a woman, a true spark of love from a man is very important. I believe that men alienate themselves from their own feelings and it takes them very long to trust people. However, once they do give someone the charm of their love and trust, it needs to be safeguarded. This is why men do not jump into relationships fast because they need time to comprehend that they can exist peacefully with that other person. However, some women tend to take benefit of that trust ad come out as something that they should not behave like. Here are a few signs of a woman is not serious with you:

  1. Switches the lover and friend place very often.

A woman is not very serious with you if she keeps role-playing all the time. SHe needs to make up her mind about what she feels about you. However, she will switch the lover and friend place. Se will only become the former when she sees the need for it. However, most of the time, she will prefer being your friend only. She won’t facilitate you but she will do things as she pleases.