5 Signs of Perfect Chemistry in a Relationship

Imagine this: you are in a relationship and everything is almost perfect for the two of you. You agree on most things and there are hardly any fights. There is a lot of love, trust and respect. This is something that will only happen on television or in movies. The existence of such perfect chemistry is almost next to impossible in a relationship. However, it does not mean that couples always fight and have problems. They are always somewhat compatible, and this is what brings them together in the first place.
So here are a few signs of perfect chemistry in a relationship:

5. You look good together.

Perfect chemistry not only depends on a deeper connection between the two people who are in a relationship. Some people flaunt their perfect chemistry by just looking good together. Their physical appearance pairs in such a way that they make an adorable couple. This could be for people with similar complexion, body structures or those striking differences that make them look beautiful together.