5 Signs of Zero Compatibility in a Relationship

A relationship is all about compatibility. It is all about how well the two people can blend together, even when they are extremely different people. Your ability to be together and happy depends extremely on this. Along with that, the extent to which your relationship will go on also depends on this. If you lack in compatibility, you will not only fight a lot but you will run out of reasons to be together in the future. Here are a few signs of zero compatibility:

  1. Different stance on situations.

When you are in a relationship, you have a special someone in life. That someone will be your source of love, wellbeing and happiness for a long time. You are supposed to be with someone who agrees with you on a few basic things. You are supposed to have a similar stance on life so that you do not end up arguing and fighting at all times. It is very important to have similar views on a few things in life such as love, life, science etc. My partner and I are extreme opposites but there are a few things upon which we share the same stance and that keeps things sane.