5 Signs That All Your Partner Wants Is $ex

There is a big difference between love and lust. Sadly, the new generation has badly failed to differentiate between the two. The unwanted lust for $ex has become a huge problem in the society, and needs to be eradicated as soon as possible. Make sure, that you are not in such a relationship where you are partner is in lust, instead of being in love. If you think so, give a read to these 5 signs that all your partner wants is $ex:

5. They hesitate in sharing emotions

Hesitance in sharing emotions with you can only mean two things: Either they are cheating on you or they are with you just for the physical pleasure. If you are sure of the first one being irrelevant, then you are aware of the truth. The true essence of love is through emotional attachment, and it cannot come if your partner is uncertain of sharing their feelings with you. When in a relationship, there is no room for such doubtful behavior from either side. The relationship you are in just involves physical intimacy, whereas it should be a perfect blend of personal and physical attachments. Expressing your love with $ex will take your relationship nowhere.