5 Signs Your Relationship is in Drain

Sometimes it can be hard to tell if your relationship is in drain until the two most haunting words have not been said. (the two words being: it’s over). But you do feel something is amiss. Your heart doesn’t want to believe that the relationship is over but your mind is constantly telling you otherwise.

5. Everyday rituals become a chore

Little things make the biggest difference in a relationship. And most couples consciously or subconsciously develop a few things they do together that signify their relationship. May it be a goodbye kiss in the morning when heading to work or a warm hug when you see each other after the entire day, the little things become the charm of any relationship. But if you have started to feel that you have to add an extra ounce of energy to get out of bed for the goodbye kiss or if you find yourself too busy every day for the evening warm hug, thinking it doesn’t mean much, it kind of signifies that your relationship is over..if not entirely, but it’s definitely finding its way down the road.