5 Signs She Doesn’t Really Care About You

I know a lot of men who have very willingly become a doormat for women. They get so blinded in love and their desperation to be with that person only leads them into a making a complete fool out of themselves. That girl doesn’t even care about them, but all they care about is that they get to be with her for a while. They make a joke out of themselves just for a while. Here are a few signs that you are with a girl who doesn’t really care about you:

  1. Cautious physical contact

When you are in an intimate relationship with someone, a little physical contact is inevitable, if not more. However, if she doesn’t really care about you, it means that she doesn’t even put you in the category of being her partner. To her, you are just a friend so she is always cautious when she makes physical contact. It is very limited and she does it so remotely that sometimes, it makes you doubt that there is a living human being standing in front of you.