5 Signs That He is just Using you for Backup

Whenever we plan the future, we always plan good things for us. When we see our relationships, we see ourselves giving our best to that special someone and being the most important person in their life. However, for some people things do not always go as planned. Despite making them your first priority, you remain a mere backup plan in their life. They are keeping you around because they just don’t want to end up alone. As a result, you are someone they can have if they have no one else available. Here are a few signs that prove you being a backup only:

5. They keep things from you.

When you are in a relationship, your partner tells you everything. They keep no secrets from you. They tell you most of the things about their routine and their life. However, you are only a backup plan for this person so they keep things from you. You have no idea about their whereabouts or their friends or their life. They keep things from you and that means that you are just wasting your time while being with this person



  1. Their friends don’t know about it.

When you have a girlfriend or a boyfriend, you feel ecstatic for finding that right person. You tell your closest friends about them and then introduce your partner to your friends. Since you are only a backup plan for them, they only introduce you as a friend. They don’t want people to know that you are together since that would affect their chances of finding another person. Their friends would assume it is a commitment so they want to avoid the fuss and are fine with keeping everything a secret.