5 Signs that shows You Have Found Your Mr. Right

God has made at least one person who exists only for you. Who loves you and care for you, the one who truly understands you. Though it’s hard to search your Mr. Right, but it’s not impossible. This world is a strange place and it’s hard to find your soul mate, sometimes your soul mate is just near to you, you only need to closely observe the people around you and try to focus one or two most wanted qualities that you want in your Mr. Right. Here are few signs through which you can judge your Mr. Right.

5. He Never Suffocates You

Your true lover or soul mate never suffocates you, he gives you space and understands that you have your own life where your friends exist. He gives you time to spend with your family and friends. He never takes over your life. If you have such friend around you then don’t let him go.