5 Signs That You Are His Backup Plan

Whenever we plan the future, we always plan good things for us. WHen we see our relationships, we see ourselves giving our best to that special someone and being the most important person in their life. However, for some people things do not always go as planned. Despite making them your first priority, you remain a mere backup plan in their life. They are keeping you around because they just don’t want to end up alone. As a result, you are someone they can have if they have no one else available. Here are a few signs that prove you being a backup only:

  1. The relationship is not ‘official’.

You are obviously only his backup plan if your relationship still remains unofficial. You behave like a couple. You act like you are partners in everything but they have still not referred you as that. They don’t talk about you being their girlfriend or boyfriend because they don’t want to put a label on you and make you officially their partner. They do not want that kind of commitment with you and to avoid it, the refer to you as a close friend only.