5 Signs That You Are Not Honest To Your Boyfriend

Contrary to belief, love is not the basic building block of a relationship; honesty is. You need to be fully honest to your partner and the bond that you share with him, to ensure a long term healthy relationship. Frankness with people of the opposite sex is a major reason, partners separate. You think you are totally in love with your partner, but slowly and secretly you get attracted to someone of the other sex. For your help, we tell you 5 of the many signs that you might be cheating on your partner:

  1. You are not truthful to them

What comes parallel to honesty? The truth. He is your partner and deserves to know each and everything that is going in your life. His answers should be responded with nothing, but the truth. We understand that you are an independant woman and you do not want to return from a party to be struck with multiple suspicious questions, but they need to be answered. Whether you are at a disco, drunk with your friends or on an outing with your bestfriend, he should know everything. Do not hide anything from him, fearing that he will dislike it. Trust me, nothing will shatter your relationship the way, breakage of trust can. Hold your tongue, and your relationship will stay intact.