5 Signs that your Friends are Ruining your Love Life

Friends are special. They are our distant family members who are not tied to us by blood but they know us better than most of our blood relatives. However, since olden times, we know that friends always understand and compromise when it comes to their friend’s love life. They are always there to facilitate them and to make sure that they end up happy. However, there are certain friends who just don’t understand. They are so absorbed in their own life that they pay no attention to how they could be ruining your relationship. Here are a few kinds of such friends:

5. Those who flirt with your partner.

Now, this kind of friends is very common. Despite knowing that the two of you are together, they will flirt with your partner openly. They will pretend like your relationship doesn’t exist and will never miss an opportunity to flirt with your partner. Now obviously, this depends on the kind of person your partner is and if they flirt back or not but your friend needs to see that they should not be doing something like this to you. A real friend never ruins another friend’s relationship.