5 Signs the Guy You Are Dating is a Fraud

Trust is one of the most fundamental base of a relationship. If you don’t trust the guy you are dating, you will have trouble taking things further smoothly. However, in times like these, women have to stay careful. They cannot just blindly trust other men, because they never know who will cheat on them. Even those who seem the most loyal can cheat. Therefore, here is a list of some common signs of a guy who is a fraud:

  1. His justifications are always stupid/lame.

You are dating a guy, and you know that he often disappears. He will disappear and not talk to you for a while. He will come late when you invite him to places, and he will cancel dates and meet-ups randomly. When you will ask him the reason, he will give you the most lame and stupid justification. Yes, you should always give the benefit of doubt, but if it is his routine, do you think he deserves the benefit of doubt? He shouldn’t lie to you. If he has other preferences or priorities, he should let you know, but he should always have the courtesy of telling you the truth.