5 Signs of a Vary very bad Relationship

Hard to identify but extremely damaging – toxic relationships have the complete power to destroy you. When you are in a relationship and you love another person, you are always willing to compromise and sacrifice for them. However, with certain people, there comes a point when you cross the line of compromise. You attain a point where you are sacrificing in the name of losing your own self. In short, you are destroying yourself for someone who just wants to gain more from you and has an emotional authority over you at all times. Here are a few obvious signs of a toxic relationship:

5. Uncomfortable

In a toxic relationship, your partner always makes you feel uncomfortable. They stop talking a lot but instead give you judgmental stares and question you. There is so much tension around the two of you whenever you are together that you begin to avoid their company. You are always uncomfortable and looking for reasons to escape their company. There are fights and disagreements in a relationship and sometimes, you do not want to sit together or be in each other’s company. However, you just never avoid them this way or run away from them. Thy is your partner after all. Yet in a toxic relationship, they make you feel so horrible about yourself that you run away from them completely.