5 Signs she will Leave you soon

For a woman, her body is sacred. If she lets you come close, it means that you are someone special for her. However, if she is leaving you, she will become distant. You won’t get to hug her or she won’t even try to lean on you. For her, you won’t be the same person she felt comfortable with and she will push you away.

5. She doesn’t argue.

When you are involved in a relationship, you fight for it. You strive to make things better. You strive to stay together. However, if she is leaving you, she will stop making any effort at all. She will stop arguing and fighting. She won’t even try to defend herself or the relationship. If has no will to fight for the relationship, she has not invested in it anymore.

4. She doesn’t force you to stay.

I am clingy when it comes to my boyfriend. Every time he is leaving, I ask for two more minutes and he does the same too. However, if she is leaving you, she will feel no urge to spend more time with you. It won’t really matter to her if you are staying or leaving. In fact, leaving would seem like a much better option.