5 Signs You Secretly Want Out From Your Current Relationship

It often happens that we get into a relationship with someone who seems perfect. They are just the kind of person we were looking for. Then things go wrong and we wonder what changed. You expect things to go wrong with the wrong person, but in a relationship, you can never really predict how your relationship will turn out to be in a few months. You could be having the time of your life, or you could secretly be looking for a way out of your current relationship. Here are a few signs of the latter situation:

  1. You always have this urge to be away from them.

You do not realize that your current relationship is not working well for you, but you secretly know that you would be okay without this person as well. Therefore, you constantly want to be away from them. To avoid situations of spending time with them, you excuse that you need a little space or you need to be on your own for a while. You find a new hobby like book reading or watching seasons and you get addicted to it. On days when you have nothing to do, you prefer hanging out with your friends than your partner.