5 Signs Your Boyfriend is So lucky to Have You

Being the pride of your boyfriend is an honor. It is one thing that he loves you and cares for you but if he is really proud to have you, he will never want to lose you. He values you a lot and he wants you with him forever. He respects you so much that he takes pride in the fact that you are HIS girlfriend. Before you tag this as fictitious, let me assure you that there are boys who are like this. If he isn’t proud of having you around, he will not respect you the way he should. Here are signs that you boyfriend is proud to have you in his life.

5. He stands next to you with pride.

Your boyfriend is proud to have you if he stands next to you with pride. He isn’t embarrassed to have you in his life so he doesn’t mind if anyone figures out about you both. In fact, he doesn’t even try to keep it a secret. He knows that it is not something that needs to be hidden because he isn’t afraid of anyone. He is happy he has you in his life so he will be okay with you being there in his life.

4. He just doesn’t say it; he means it!

Your boyfriend is proud to have you and his actions speak so as well. He will always show his love for you. He will not be like those guys who text I love you to you every night before sleeping. Instead, he will be the guy who protects you when you’re out, who stands by you in a concert, who waits for you outside your door while you’re crying inside. Yes, he will do much more to prove his love. He could even shout your name outside of a girls’ washroom to bring you out when he knows that you’re crying inside. (Been there, done that!)

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