5 Signs Your Partner is Still Stuck in His Past

Having a partner and someone to love is a beautiful feeling. Your life feels sorted and everything moves in trance. However, things suddenly feel weird when you are giving the relationship everything but your partner is stuck in some other world. It is very humiliating to realize that while you were madly in love with someone, they were still living in their past. They never really go over their past, and their past still has the ability to ruin their mood and to take them away from you. Here is how you can know if your partner is still stuck in his past:

  1. They still stalk them.

Your partner is still stuck in his past if he constantly stalks his ex’s profile. It is only natural to feel curious about a certain person’s whereabouts. Obviously, when you have been with someone, a part of you still cares about them. (It is necessary that it’s only a part that cares, otherwise you’re still not over your ex!) So it is natural that you go through their Facebook profile once in awhile. However, if your partner keeps checking their ex’s profile and then, it means there are still feelings for them somewhere deep down in his heart.