5 Signs Your Partner Knows You Better Than You Know Yourself

How is it that people take so much pride when they find out that someone knows them better than they know themselves? In a relationship, it is an amazing feeling to be understood, and to be with someone who doesn’t need you to tell them everything. Instead, they understand everything you have to say, or the intention behind something that you are trying to do or say. So how is it that your partner knows you better than you do? Here is how you can know:

  1. They understand when you’re down.

Your partner definitely knows you better if they understand that you are upset, even when you haven’t told them. They do not have to meet you or hear your voice. They can even figure out from a message that there is something wrong with you. When they know that something is wrong with you, they will come to you by themselves and try to make you feel better. Sometimes, they will do it so silently that you will soon begin to feel good, without even realizing that they were trying to help.