5 Signs Your Relationship Is Damaging You

An unhealthy relationship has the power to damage you. Your partner is supposed to be your biggest support and your lucky charm, but instead, you feel like them being a threat to your mental and emotional well-being. there could be several reasons for why you feel this way right now. You probably compromised too much and now, they are manipulating you. You have compatibility issues and there is no chemistry between the two of you. In short, your relationship is pretty much declining and all of that is affecting you:

  1. No regard for you.

Your relationship is surely damaging you when your partner has no respect for you. When you are with someone, a lot of self-worth comes from how nice they are to you. You like being appreciated by them and you enjoy it when you get a lot of attention. however, when they continuously ridicule and humiliate you, and have no regard for you, then it will crush you from the inside. Your partner is that one person on earth who is the most important for you and their treatment of you determines that a lot.