5 Signs you’re stalking by Calling It a Crush

Stalking is not considered as such a big issue like it once was. People joke and brag about how good stalkers they are over Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. What they don’t realize is that excessively stalking a person – be it over the internet or in real life – can get you into trouble, even if that person is a crush of yours. Stalking causes people to invade privacy and trespassing cases are often reported too. However, even if the measures aren’t this extreme, stalking makes you annoying and the other person tries to run away from you. Here are a few signs that you stalking someone by disguising it as a crush:

  1. Being their worshiper on social media.

When you have a crush on someone, you obviously end up adding them on every social media that exists. From Facebook, twitter, Instagram to whatever third-grade side you want. Then, you consider it your social responsibility to like every photo that you, share every post they post and even comment on everything. Then you sit and obsessively wait for their replies. Along with that, you have even taken out time to stalk all their posts to day one, and you feel no shame in that. Let me tell you that only makes you a stalker and that person thinks that you don’t have a life. In fact, some people get freaked out by such behavior and run away.