5 Signs That he’s Fall in love with you in First Conversation

The first conversation with the person you like is very important. You try your best to show them the most perfect sid of yours. You don’t want to sound lame and boring so you try your best to portray a good image. However, a lot of times, the image we portray leaves them wanting for more. This is because they get so impressed by our behavior and our personality that they end up having a crush on us too. Some people fail to pick up these hints and consequently lose a potential partner so here are a few signs that they liked the first conversation:

  1. Constant eye contact with a smile.

When you make the first conversation and the other persons does not break the eye contact while having a constant smile on their face, it means that they certainly have something for you. This is because when you talk to someone for the first time, there is always a little awkward space. However, you have to really like the person to ignore that awkward space and comfortably make the eye contact throughout. A smile, on the other hand, is always a good sign because it means that the other person found you amusing.