5 Steps To Avoid Falling in Love with Your Best Friend

A best friend is someone we  can truly be ourselves. Things get very awkward when we suddenly develop feelings for them, but that is only natural. When you are accepted for the person you are, it makes the other person respect you a lot. You can trust, love and cherish a person and then those feelings get reciprocated as well, so falling for them is only natural. Some people fear that if they fall for their best friend, they might lose the friend forever. Here area few ways through which you can avoid this from happening:

  1. Give it time.

The first thing you should always do whenever you fall for someone is to give it time. There is a very thin line between infatuation, crushes, love and obsession, and it is very easy to cross them as well. In such situations, you must always give your feelings some time and see how that turns out. You might have temporary feelings and they might die down. You might think that you love them today but tomorrow you might go back to treating them merely like a friend. Therefore, give yourself some time if you think that you have fallen for your best friend.


  1. Get a second opinion.

When I fell for my best friend, the first thing I did was to discuss it with my other friend. I told him about my feelings and asked for his opinion. That gave me some time and I came in a better situation to judge the scenario. Similarly, his advice was good and it cleared my head. Some people very impulsive and indecisive when it comes to the matters of the heart so it is always better to keep someone else in the loop.


  1. Are they feeling the same?

If you are really curious about it all or want some love in return, you can do some research of your own. Since they are your best friend, you know them the best, No one can understand their body language and behaviour better than you. Try to figure out how they feel about this. I understood right away that my best friend was behaving a little different around me and upon noticing him a little more than usual, I quickly figured out that the feelings were mutual.