5 things a woman should know in a relationship

A perfect relationship cannot be found in a tray, you have to effort for it and you need to embrace the good as well as bad habits of your partner. In a relationship the most important thing is ‘YOU’. If you are happy then no one can snatch your happiness from you, if you are an optimistic person and see things in positive way then you will never fail in any relationship. Mark my words, when you realize that every person in the universe is unique, everyone has different attributes and you embrace these things in each other, no one can spoil your relationship.

Still, if you find some difficulties in your relationship then here are few rules for you.

5.Nothing is perfect, accept the imperfections

Nothing is perfect in this world so accept other person (partner) with imperfections. A few aspects of your personality must compliment with your partner’s personality. If you both don’t compliment with each other, this relationship will end sooner or later and can only be saved if in case you open heartedly embrace the other person with all his goods and worst aspects.