5 things couple should avoid in a relationship

You are in a relationship with your partner and loves each other then there are things that you must avoid in your relationship to keep it strengthen.  It’s pertinent to mention that life is full of surprises, nothing lasts forever. Good times comes and worst goes but it’s only YOU who decides how to spend it either by crying or by staying happy with whatever you have in life. If you support your partner in his worst then definitely he would be going to stay with you in rest of your life. I realized in my life that the couples who stay together in their hard times are the real lovers, because only TIME and CIRCUMSATNCES tells how much one is true to other. I have something to share with you, things that a couple should avoid in a relationship.

1.Always tell the TRUTH

It is commonly observed that people lies in a relationship to impress their partner. If you are one of them then STOP telling lies. These lies don’t make your relationship stronger instead they will create problems in future. Tell the truth whatever the circumstances are, and remember if your partner values your truth and stays with you then he is the right person and if he/she doesn’t do this then let them go. They are not the right ones for you.