5 Things every Girl Should do for her Boyfriend in the Relationship

4. Stop trying so much.

You don’t get enough of his attention because you try too much for it. A lot of women ruin things in their attempt to make things better. I say this because I do this myself too. I try my best to make sure that things are going smooth and in return, I end up ruining everything. Just let things run their course normally and see how they turn out to be. If you force things on each other, he will obviously begin to take you for granted.

3. Stop being too clingy.

To earn his attention, you will require giving him time to notice you. If you stay close to him all the time and give him no space of his own, he will obviously get annoyed by you. He will look for small reasons to get some space from you and that will end up making you feel worthless. Every human being needs a little alone time and you need to learn to give him some. Constantly asking for attention and time makes you lose your worth and the respect that he has for you. Let him notice you by himself and then watch him value you.