5 Things Every Man Must Know About a Relationship

It is a proven fact that men cannot handle relationships well, and in most breakup situations, the men are at fault. You know why? Because they do not know enough about relationships, and what to do when you are involved in one. If you are a man and you are reading this, then do not close the window. This is for you. If you are a woman, then make sure your man gives it a read. We tell you 5 things every man should know about a relationship:

  1. Do not take her for granted

What is the foremost rule of handling a relationship? You do not take your girl for granted! It is not their duty to love and serve you; they do so because they like being with you. Do not insult her, by not returning her with all the attention and care. She is your girlfriend and deserves being rewarded for the effort, she puts in the relationship. Do not forget to express the love you have for her. You may not consider this important, but women are particular about men expressing their feelings to them.