5 Things to NOT DO Unless You’re Ready to be in a Serious Relationship (For a Guy)

Finding the right girl and settling with her in the long-term can be a long and tedious journey. You’ll face a million bumps, speed-breakers, hiccups and getting past each is not an easy task. When you’re in a relationship, there’s a huge responsibility that you take over. The responsibility of fulfilling each of her needs, being there and being useful are a few basics you should know.

5. First & Foremost, Don’t Fool Yourself

One of the ridiculous things you can do in a relationship is fooled yourself into believing that she’s the one when there’s an itch in your heart that keeps telling you otherwise. If you find yourself trying too hard to be there for her, pick up her calls or make time for her but you still carry on is one of the most alarming signs that you’re fooling yourself. And undoubtedly, fooling her too. If you don’t feel it, tell her. And end it. Don’t remain stuck in a limbo that you call, ‘relationship’.