5 Things She Wants From You on This Valentine’s Day

A lot of girls are said to be expressive. It is true to some extent because women tend to share whatever is in their heart. They don’t like to hide stuff. However, there comes a point in the relationship when the two of you become different from you were in the start. From being that talkative girl who told you all, she is now someone who doesn’t talk about what she wants at all times. There are a few things she wants from you and I believe that Valentine’s Day is a good way to start for those things:

  1. Make her your best friend

If you ever ask a woman what she really wants from a relationship, then the first thing she will say is that she wants to be his best friend. Our best friend is someone who sees our truest side and knows our most difficult side as well. She wants to be that person for you because she wants to be your favorite secret keeper. She wants to be the first person you call when you want to celebrate your achievement. She wants to be the first person you call to cry when you want to cry over something. She wants to be that special person to you.