5 Things That Women Do Which Ruin Relationships

Before this is considered as an attack on womanhood, let me state specifically that when a relations meets its doom. However, there are certain factors in which women contribute more than men. Some of them may be generalized assumptions but some of them have shattered so many men I have seen around me. I like to think that the woman is the heart of the relationship at a lot of times while the man is the brains. Here is how the malfunctioning of the heart can ruin relationships:

  1. Overthinking

Over thinking can ruin relationships. Women are usually known to be overthinkers. They overthink everything to the extent that they ruin it. I am a woman myself so I know what it feels like. It is almost like you hunt down your happiness yourself by self-created theories and assumptions that take away your peace. If you are a woman and you want your relationship to survive, then stop analyzing things. If you have your doubts, you should feel more than welcome to voice them to your partner instead of suffocating yourself in your thoughts.