5 Things To Do If He Makes You Feel Worthless

A lot of women complain that the man they are with makes them feel worthless.They complain that the man does not give them as much respect which they are capable of. They are rude and harsh to them. No matter what the reason is, your respect and your worth is something that you must never compromise upon. Here is what you should do if he makes you feel worthless:

  1. Respect yourself

Perhaps this is because women have lost their own sense of respect. We become so blinded by the need to be love and we are so afraid of loneliness that we make peace with whatever we get. When we don’t respect ourselves, men won’t see a reason to respect us as well. We have to learn to not just respect ourselves, but also stand up for our rights. So from today onwards, look for reasons within you that make you an amazing person. Once you start seeing those reasons, he will do to. However, if he doesn’t and you continue to feel worthless, you should know how to take a stand for yourself.