5 Things To Do If Love Intimidates You

Our generation is largely labelled as commitment phobic. However, we are not questioned a lot about how and why we feel this way. The truth is that all this affair of love and heartbreaks is a scary approach. The impact of a heartbreak and the aftermath that follows is a lot for some people to bear. As a result, they decide to stay away from love all together.

Here are a few things that you can do if you are one of those who fear love:

  1. Look on the bright side.

If love intimidates you and you are too scared to indulge yourself into it, then you have to focus on the bright side. There are always two approaches to everything in life: you can either look at at the positives and stay happy about them or you can worry yourself by thinking about the negatives in life. When it is about love, there are a lot of positives to focus on. Think about having someone by your side who is willing to support you, love you and be there for you during times of need. That feeling and that person will have no match in life and you will always be grateful to that moment in life where you met them.