5 Things To Do To Make Him Feel Special

Is your relationship losing its charm? Does your boyfriend complain of not being loved? It is true, that we women require love and affection more than men do but what we fail to realize is that we tend to ignore men in the process of acquiring love from them. All the efforts are made by the man only. We need to come out of the receiving zone and make the men feel special too. Here we help you find out how:

  1. Find romantic comfortable places to spend time with him

Trust me, the place matters a lot! Take him to the fireplace in chilled winters. Talk to him when cuddled in one blanket, near the fireplace. Plan surprise romantic dinners at his place. Switch on light soothing music and let him enjoy. Change places of meetings. Do not shy away from trying different cuisines. Invite him for candle light dinner at your home and cook his favorite food. This is probably the sweetest of ways to display your love for him. This will surely make him feel loved.