5 Things To Do When Your Girlfriend Is Being Cranky

Being a boyfriend is not easy. You have to deal with the demands of your girl, her mood swings, her clinginess, but the situation that most fail to handle properly is the crankiness of their girlfriends. You simply run out to calm the situation. Those moments you want the world to slit open and take you in it. Don’t worry we have some tactics to avoid being pissed at your girlfriend when she is throwing tantrums all around:

  1. Go out for a walk

You can see temper building in you because of all the useless rants your girlfriend is throwing at you, so contact nature for help. Go out to a park for a good walk. Notice the greenery nature has planted for you, and the beauty and the calm soothing vibes that nature throws at you. This will calm you, and will help you think better about handling the situation that was running out of hand. This will also give you the much needed space that you needed from your girlfriend. The best way to avoid a heated argument.