5 Things to Know Before Considering Blind Dating

What do you think a blind date is? Meeting someone over Facebook, and then asking them out is not a blind date. You have already been through their profile pictures, and are fully aware of the stuff they talk about. A blind date is a meetup where you have no idea of how the other person looks and what their interests are. You just shoot an arrow in the open, and wish that it strikes the opponent. Well, the probability of either event’s success is the same: close to zero. Hence, we help you by listing down some of the things you should know before going on a blind date:

  1. Planning is important

Before you set yourself up on a blind date, you should plan everything well. You cannot call a vegetarian to a steak house, can you? No. Have reservations in multiple restaurants, incase such an issue arises. It is better if you two meet at a neutral spot, and then decide of where to eat. Blind dating will lead you nowhere, if you do not respect the other person’s interests and taste. From the start to the end, chalk out everything so that nothing goes wrong. Have backups, so that you do not strike a bad first impression.