5 Things Women Do That Unintentionally Push Him Away

A relationship is based on love, trust, respect and very importantly, understanding. The two people who are together often understand each other just by looking at one another. They don’t even require words. However, sometimes, they don’t understand the most obvious and little things which matter a little too much. Women are usually more caring and loving when it comes to a relationship. They take care of their partner and cater to their needs much more than their potential. However, sometimes, without even realizing, they push him away. Here are a few ways by which they do so:

  1. Urging him to do things that he just cannot.

You will push him away if you urge him to do things that he cannot. You need to understand that everyone is different. They won’t behave as you want them to because they are programmed differently. If you are with a person who does not like to talk much, you cannot force them to do so because they are not just made for it. When you constantly push them to do things that they have no clue about, there will com a point when they will get sick of all of this and wish to just run away from you and avoid you for some time.