5 Things You Must Not Text Your Boyfriend

In the modern era, texting is an important way of interacting. In some relationships it is pivotal because that is how the two interact. However, whether it is very important in your relationship or not, it is used to communicate in times of need. In those times, we end up sending texts which ruin our relationship forever and therefore, here is a list for you to consider. Never text your boyfriend any of these because you will eventually regret it.

  1. Overly-sarcastic messages.

It is okay to text your boyfriend a lot during initial stages but you have to be careful and avoid very sarcastic texts. It is a crucial period at that point and things set pace. If you appear to be a very sarcastic person on texts, they could get intimidated by you and run away. If not this, then they could assume that you reply to everything with sarcasm and they could avoid conversations with you. When your relationship has progressed and you know that they understand you well now, such things won’t even matter.