5 Things You Must Stop Doing To Him

When we are with someone we love, we always want them to see the best side of ours. We want to see the best in them so we try and be the most supportive and loving that we can be. However, sometimes, consciously or unconsciously, we end up being someone that we shouldn’t be. We end up being s version of ourselves that is hurtful or resentful. Here are a few things that you must never do to save yourself from going into that stage:

  1. Loud tones

The first thing that you must stop doing right away is screaming and/or shouting at him. You have to realize that a man values himself. He might not think of you being an inferior to him but he wants equality too. You cannot treat him horribly. You have to be nice to him. When you scream or shout at a man for too long, you basically attach his self-respect. As his self-value diminishes, so does his confidence and you begin to take away parts of him. And remember, not all men complain so they accept the treatment that you give them out of love and end up losing themselves in the process.